For Teachers


Chicago Yoga Collective (CYC) is a project started by a group of enthusiastic new yoga teachers looking to gain teaching experience and create a community of Chicago-area yogis from a variety of backgrounds and styles. We host affordable, high-quality yoga classes outside of the traditional yoga studio/gym framework. Teachers pay upfront for the studio space then keep all proceeds from their classes, which are scheduled on a regular basis, usually quarterly. CYC handles administrative matters by collecting money and renting space from the selected studio(s), as well as various marketing efforts that include social media, search engines, newsletters and our website among others.

As part of the collective, you, the teacher, will share a particular time slot with other teachers who teach that same style. If we have sufficient interest, we’re also considering an open slot in which teachers from different lineages will be able to  request a time slot on a specific date or set of dates. The rental cost to the teacher for the timeslots is the adjusted allocated cost that the collective pays for that specific time slot plus a small administrative fee. The administrative fee is used to cover any additional costs that the collective may incur (website hosting, teacher events, etc.).


There are many benefits to joining CYC as a teacher. Here are a few:

  • Exposure. As a collective we have greater marketing abilities through our brand. The collective will maintain a website that includes a comprehensive schedule as well as teacher bios and photographs. We will ensure our yoga class locations shows up in search results for Yelp and Google Maps. We will also use social media and our newsletters to promote all classes. We hope you will do the same.
  • Financial. The primary goal of this project is to provide high-quality, affordable yoga classes to more people. As a collective, we can get a better price for space rental as we can reserve time slots in higher quantities, which allows us to keep prices low. The Chicago Yoga Collective  itself does not make a profit; teachers keep ALL of the proceeds from the classes they teach. Class prices are set by teachers with approval of the Chicago Yoga Collective.
  • Flexibility. Teachers share time slots on a quarterly basis. You sign up for time slots depending upon how frequently you would like to teach, as well as the availability of slots. Please see for an example of how this is currently structured. We are regularly introducing new classes onto our schedule based on teacher input.
  • Experience. This is a great way for new teachers to get teaching experience.
  • Community. You are part of a community of highly entrepreneurial yoga teachers. Our hope is that we learn from each other as well as celebrate with each other.

Application Process

We welcome new teachers and hope to continue adding new time slots and locations. To join us, let us know you’re interested either in person or email. We’ll schedule a short (15-30 minute) sample class “audition.” You must also have a 200-hour (or higher) teacher certification recognized by Yoga Alliance. Note: You are not required to join Yoga Alliance.

Teacher responsibilities:

Once you’ve signed on to teach with us, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Presence. Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the start of your class. Have students sign in and fill out a waiver. If you cannot make your class time, you are responsible for finding a substitute from within the collective, ideally 3 or more days ahead of time, per our policy.
  • Key deposit. Key deposits, if applicable, are required when you receive keys to a studio location.
  • Admin Fee: There is a small admin fee ($1/class as of 9/1/16) .  The purpose of the admin fee is to pay for administrative expenses, as well as studio time for demonstrations and to sponsor special events for our members.
  • Insurance: You are responsible for maintaining liability insurance and providing the collective with proof of coverage.
  • Room setup and cleanup. You are responsible for any setup prior to class as well as any cleanup after class. This may include locking up the space and setting the alarm (dependent on the agreement with the lessor). You are responsible for ensuring you have access to the space for your class (key, key codes, etc.)
  • Code of conduct. You are responsible for abiding by the code of conduct as set by the Yoga Alliance (

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: